The Science Behind Citrox Protect

Delve into the world of bioflavonoids, explore our meticulous testing and certification, and uncover the advanced technology that makes our products unique.

Why Bioflavonoids?

Learn about the natural properties of bioflavonoids and their pivotal role in Citrox Protect's potent cleaning formulations. Understand how these plant-derived compounds combat pathogens for a safer, healthier environment.

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Testing and Certification

Explore our achievements in testing and certification that validate the effectiveness and safety of Citrox Protect products. See the scientific evidence supporting our claims for peace of mind.

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Misting and Sealing Technology

Discover the innovative methods of misting and sealing that redefine conventional cleaning practices. Explore how these cutting-edge technologies provide comprehensive protection against harmful pathogens while streamlining your cleaning routine.

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Find answers to commonly asked questions about Citrox Protect products, their usage, and benefits.